We will end new HIV infections in Arkansas when all residents have access to health education, screenings, advocacy, and care services.

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We Will End HIV in Arkansas

The Strilite Foundation, Inc., and Arkansas RAPPS are committed to reducing new HIV infections in the our state by 90% in 2030. We leverage the latest scientific research prevent, treat, and address the social determinants of health.

According to the the Arkansas Department of Health, 6,070 Arkansans were living with HIV in 2018.

The majority of people were Black (45%)—despite being only 16% of the state’s population—and male (78%).

New infections were highest among Arkansans who were Black (56%) and male (83%).

Prevention is Treatment

Arkansas RAPPS and The Strilite Foundation, Inc., support the development of prevention initiatives that are deployed statewide. With your support, we will end new HIV infections by 2030.

Save Arkansas’s Future (SARF) is a program we lead in partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Science (UAMS) Research and Development Division and the College of Public health. SARF provides students on 10 Arkansas college campuses with substance abuse and sexual health education to reduce related stigma among 18-24-year-olds in Arkansas, especially within communities of color.

SARF’s goal is to provide culturally responsive substance sbuse, HIV, andViral hepatitis prevention services in 8 AR counties with a high prevalence of Substance Abuse and HIV.

Additional parners include the Arkansas Minority Health Commission, UA at Little Rock, the Arkansas Department of Health, (RED), the Arkansas HIV Planning Group, and LinQ for Life.


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